Peach Fuzz is for Peaches

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When our clients ask us what they can do about their “peach fuzz” and we tell them about our dermaplaning treatment, the countdown is on for the shocked look we get. 5,4,3,2,1 and there it is! SuggestPeach_Fuzzing that a woman just lay back and relax while we commence to shaving her face with a scalpel for some reason evokes this stare of disbelief and a quick look at the door for an escape plan just in case. But, fear not fuzzy reader, when you feel the results and know what dermaplaning can do you will be hooked and everything will be peaches and cream.

Dermaplane exfoliation is usually added to a service such as a facial, microderm, or most chemical peels but it can stand alone and still be beneficial. It is painless, no downtime, and peach fuzz begets peach fuzz so no worries about black or thicker hair. Our regular dermaplane clients come in monthly, get cozy, and go into “I’m a pretty princess” mode. We prepare the face by washing, toning and then scrape off not only the tiny hairs but dermaplaning removes all of the excess dead skin cells to boot! Then, just like that your makeup will go on better, your products will absorb deeper and no more peach fuzz in those selfies. Win, win!

Georgia Center Med Spa has 2 experienced RN’s that do this procedure so you are in good, steady hands. We love getting dermaplaned ourselves and look forward to seeing you in our treatment rooms for this and other procedures that will reveal your best you!

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