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LatisseAre you having to apply more and more mascara? Pouting because your lashes are losing their dramatic flair? Maybe you have heard of Latisse but need more info before you decide if this product could be the solution. Read on because this product is one that sells itself once you see the results after your first box of Latisse.


Let’s clear up a few naughty misconceptions about Latisse that you may be concerned about…

  1. Will Latisse turn your eyes a different color? This is extremely rare and I have not seen it happen in my 7 years of experience with Latisse. This is a common misconception and derives from the original use of the active ingredient in Latisse that was for glaucoma and applied directly into the eye. Latisse is applied to the eyelash base, therefore no color changes ladies.
  2. Latisse is too expensive: Happy to dispel this one, too! At our current price, the daily cost is $2.14/day. A new user will apply once nightly for the duration of 2 of the 5 ounce bottles. And after that you will move straight to maintenance phase and only apply only twice weekly to keep those lovely, thick lashes. So the maintenance phase cost 30 cents a day!
  3. Latisse isn’t safe for me: If you are new to Latisse you will be consulted by one of our friendly GCMS RN’s and you will be asked about pregnancy, glaucoma, breastfeeding, and eye surgery history. This Allergan product is FDA approved and we sell the real thing baby! Never order Latisse off of the internet by the way.
  4. My lashes will look this luscious until the end of time:  Not exactly the case. Do you love what you see while using Latisse? Want these results to last? Then you will need to add Latisse to your regimen twice weekly because if you stop Latisse then gradually your lashes will return to their former selves. Twice a week, you can do that!


Now, you are in the know a little more and we will walk you through any other specifics about application and little tricks we have learned along the way using this product ourselves. This product is eligible for Brilliant Distinction coupons so if you’re a Botox, Juvederm, Kybella, or Voluma user then use your points to save on Latisse too! More information on Latisse is just a click away .


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